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Vinicius - Look Me on Olympic World Rio Mascots 2016

Who am i ?

I am the Olympic Games mascot, a mixture of all
the Brazilian animals. I was born out of the explosion 

of joy that happened when they announced that Rio

would host the Olympic Games, on 2 October 2009.

How old am I

How Old I am ?

I was born on 2 October 2009, but my age is not 
counted like yours, so nobody knows exactly what  
it is. But I live my life playing, jumping, running and  
smiling, just like all the kids.

What is My Special Power ?

I can stretch and stretch and stretch myself,

as much as I want. And since I’m a mixture of Brazilian

animals,I can do all the  best things they can do: I 

can run faster,jump higher and be stronger. I can 

also imitate the voice of any animal – I’m super -


What else do I like to do?

What else do i like to do ?

I play all Olympic sports. And I always hang out around 

the city! My favorite pastime is making new friends, 

that’s why I’m always connected. I love meeting people 

from all over the world. My best friend of all is the 

Rio 2016 Paralympic Games mascot.

What else do I like to do

Where do i Live ?

I live in a tree-house, in the Tijuca Forest, which
has become a meeting place for the gang.
From my home, we can see the whole city and

plan animal adventures.

Mission ?

To spread joy throughout the world and 
celebrate the friendship that flourishes
between people from all over the world at
this super sports event.

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