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How much sports in Rio Olympic 2016 | Rio Olympic 2016 42 Sports

Olympic Sports

How much sports in Rio Olympic 2016 | Rio Olympic 2016 42 Sports
Rio 2016 Olympic Mascots 
Are you ready for Rio Olympic 2016, Brazil ?

Do you know how much sports in the Rio Olympic 2016 is there? Rio is going do an awesome opening for the sports people. So we just going to discover how much people going to participate in this Rio Olympics and how many countries really give fight to the opponent country. 

1. How many sports in Rio Olympic 2016 ?

- In Rio 2016 Olympic 42 sports is there.

2. How many events happened in Rio 2016 Olympic ?

- In Rio Olympic 2016 306 Event handle. This is the Sports Month for the World all Countries.  In the Sports month, people really care about them country lead sports person.

3. How many days Rio Olympic 2016 going on ?

- 2016 Rio Olympic 19 Day busy scheduled for the world sports person who really do work hard for the medal and also for the Country.

4. How the Medals Distribution for the Rio Olympic 2016 ?
- Rio Olympic 2016 is the Best Olympic Worldwide. Some of the medal for Men and some of the medals for women and also some mixed the medal in which men's and women's can participate.
So, the Distribution of the Medal is...

  • Men - 161 Medal
  • Women - 136 Medal
  • Mixed (Men and Women) - 9 Medal 

Do you love your country sports person then comment below how much medals is for your country and who win this medal in which category of Sports? Also do not forget to share this with your friend and sports persons who really care sports in their life also Olympic 2016 Rio Love. 

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